delete browser history

If you’re worried that your surfing history can be seen, then its time to take action and delete browser history of internet explorer. The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to be. You would have noticed that more virus checkers these days are flagging suspected websites and advising you to keep away. You’re computer needs as much protection as it can.

If you’re using Microsoft’s internet explorer, beware that this browser records and leaves a full history on your hard drive. Partners and would be hackers could then see inside this file and either use it against you, or could just check what you have been doing on the web.

Why delete browser history of internet explorer?

Browsing the internet, you can innocently download files which you thought were safe, and then virus’s or hackers code could be contained within, leaving your computer open to be exploited. Have you heard of the new “Ransom” Virus’s, these encrypt your data and then ask for money to be paid to a bitcoin address. No matter which browser you’re using, you should be deleting the internet history regularly to be safe and clean.

Where are the internet files stored?

There a two locations where website files are downloaded on your hard drive. First is the temporary internet files location, commonly know as the TIF location. The second is the all encrypting webcachev01 dat file, which is the newer and updated file that internet explorer uses.temporary internet files windows 10

But internet explorer deletes these files!

Within internet explorer there is an option to delete the temporary internet files, you may have seen it. Ever tried it. It attempts to delete the files, but when you look inside the cache area, there are still files which have not been deleted. Unfortunately you cannot rely on internet explorer to clean up after itself, that’s why a decent cache killer is needed.

erasing search history

So how do I clean these files?

When internet explorer is in use, it hides the downloaded files, making them difficult to find and delete. Services need to stopped and started, hidden locations need to be found, read only restrictions need to be changed. All of this to delete those pesky files. It’s a lot of work.

We need an application that can do all of this.

So we wrote an application to just this. Webcachekiller as it’s name suggests, seeks out internet explorers windows web cache, and cleans/deletes the files found there. It takes care of stopping and starting the services to allow this, makes the files available for deletion. No need to think are all of the files gone, and is my surfing history cleaned, webcachekiller will do all of this for you.cache killer

delete web history

Webcachekiller can show you show of the files that it finds by title, before it wipes them, download and try the demonstration first. It’s free in demo mode.

What types of files can it delete!

Webcachekiller can delete all types of files contained within the windows webcache, Video MP4, Gif’s Mpg’s, Html, Cookies, in fact all file types can be deleted. If you download those naughty types of movies and files, no problem, webcachekiller will delete them from the google web cache.google web cache

Webcachekiller was designed to wipe all traces of your internet history. Today we have a real threat from all hackers and scammers that try to make use of online information for financial gain, whether through stealing your information, credit card details or through blackmail. Be safe and careful when you surf the internet and clean your internet history.

How much does it cost?

Webcachekiller is one of the lowest priced cache cleaners on the market today. It retails at just 15.00$ for a single licence.

Webcachekiller is compatible with windows 7,8 and 10.

Licence restrictions.

  • The purchase licence will only work the computer that is was purchased on. You cannot transfer the licence to another computer.
  • The licence is for life, it does not expire. If there is a technical hitch with the licence, we shall do our best to correct the problem.
  • Once purchased, there is no money back.
  • Licence’s can take upto 24hrs to be issued, please be patient.
  • Webcachekiller interupts other services on windows OS, so therefore it is not guaranteed to not interfere with any other software, especially virus checking software. Please try the demo before purchase.